Google Calendar CalDAV now sync with iCal

And I say finally 🙂

Not too much to ask for right? All I need is consistent emails and calendar events. SpanSync is a good solution but why pay when it is free? Don’t get me wrong here, I have signed up for MobileMe and am completely turned off by that service.


If you have a mac and you want your iPhone in sync rather than using gCal online (which is a good idea and a backup JIC), this is a viable solution indeed.

Google Calendar CalDAV support – Calendar Help Center.

Hearing Color

Very cool invention that translates color into sounds assists a color blind artist Neil Harbisson, which allows him to recognize 26 different colors by sounds. 

What I’m interested in learning is the creative process and combination. Here the synestesia is key to combine colors that will work, based on the frequency of their sound. It becomes more intrinsic when trying to combine complementary colors from the color wheel and/or working with shades and amounts of white or black.

Color + Design Blog / Hearing Color: Neil Harbisson, Cyborg by COLOURlovers.