what does hunting lions and the ipad have in common?

men usually do not carry bags around. they try and utilize any available storage space (jean pockets mainly) to avoid the “trouble” of carrying a bag (common in israel).

the home/car keys goes in the front pocket (bulky), the other front pocket holds the cell phone, wallet goes in the back , or can squeeze in front and, and the list goes on… when visiting a cafe in Tel-Aviv for example, you will notice that the table has everyone’s items on display 🙂 otherwise it will be painful to sit, right?

on a medical note, realize that carrying these items creates tiny imbalances that influence your posture and has microscopic effects on your spine. sound silly and you may dismiss it.. don’t say i did not warn you though…

to my point: there is something inherit about us men, genetic even, that our primal impulse is to refuse the usage of a bag in order carry stuff around.. it makes sense, it saves us lots of trouble and assists in keeping all our belongings safe and available. no… we will not use it. one may say it’s fashion related, that we don’t want to look feminine… or maybe (just maybe) it is the hunter within us that wants to be as light as possible.. you know, so we can responds to imminent attacks from wild animals – our lives are at stake here..

sometimes you will see a couple walking down the street holding hands. so romantic right? if you look closely you will notice that the guy is carrying a bag, which is not his own.. she packed all she will need (wallet, keys, makeup kit, emergency makeup kit, tissue paper, tampons, hand sanitizers and all you one she conceivably thinks may come in handy).. the poor guy looks defeated almost… why? because he planned on carrying pretty much nothing.. and he ends up carrying everything 🙂

guys are hunters, women are gatherers.. they go out to the fields for a while, pick berries and mushrooms, examine colors and compare notes. they need stuff (whatever that is) to get by. us men hunt lions, we need to move fast on our feet, carrying nothing but our weapons.

us guys can “get ready” quickly,  minimize what we carry on us, avoid a bag altogether right? we leave our homes happy. we have it all ON us, without any accessories..  and then the lady comes by, bats her eye lids and asks “can u please carry this for me?”… “sweetheart” he tells her, “i am hunting lions here! i need to be agile and responsive! the last thing i need is to carry a bag! .. what the hell?!”. and of course he carries it (if he is a gentleman) with an inherit feeling of defeat.

sounds familiar? i thought so… 🙂 what does it all have to do with technology (this is a technology blog…) you are probably wondering by now…

here is my question: can the ipad change the game for men?one of the great things about the iphone is that it is quite small for what it can do. it can fit into your jean pocket or clipped to a  belt. the ipad is a versatile device that will require some sort of carrying (not the one portrayed in the image above for sure.. though some men would find it appealing). the right design and concept may start convincing more men that carrying a bag around is cool and masculine. we won’t have to feel like a girl walking around with a bag full of stuff we don’t need.

i personally think there is room for an ipad carrying bag that men would adopt and use. time will tell.

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  1. OMGosh I’ve already wacthed this baby 10 times already!?!?What a little world of wonder, just adorable.I’d name him (her) . ummmm . Target !!!Thx for sharing this, Anderson but this little one will grow,as I’m sure you are well aware be careful!

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