the past couple of months have been as crazy as it gets. i have been diving deeper and deeper into iOS technologies and am coding for the iPad non stop. i must say that i really enjoy working with xcode and objective-c and the potential is endless. soon koi will lift off the ground and make this world a better place 🙂

calunga, a song i wrote while traveling brasil in 2009. calunga means “sea” in many native west african languages. calunga also means death, and by the teaching of yoga – we die in order to be reborn little by little, every day, while evolving to a higher state. it is our daily practice and commitment toward achieving our goals that compels us to overcome fear and grow stronger.

this is exactly what the people of west africa must have experienced when pulled out of their homes and brought to brasil – a rebirth that is so incredibly embraced there.

this song symbolises the peace i had found and the unity with the ocean, the atlantic forrest and the people. truly is an incredible place. i’ve added a gallery of some of the photos i’ve taken there to go with the music – play both at the same time to get the full experience of the music. be inspired!

the song was recorded at Mal Stein studios

Calunga by pengas