ipod 3g is near? (don’t blow this opportunity ATT)

the new iOS5, turns out, has a toggle for 3g/wifi for the ipod touch.

can it be? are the carrier(s) finally caving in to their monopoly and stronghold over users?
will our phone bill be replaced by a data bill and no longer experience a blocking incoming call, which terminates the app you currently using?

i sure hope so. i wrote about this move a year ago. it could just be that this is the time for us to lower our costs. as long as the device is as strong as the iphone (A6?) and, most importantly, the carrier pick up their game with delivering solid connectivity, faster download/upload – we can expect this device to be revolutionary. as it should.

with the price point of $30 a month i am 100% switching to a 3g enabled ipod touch. i currently pay $75 a month where i have the least minutes ATT allows (400) and the good old unlimited data plan. the ipod touch will slice my bill down by more than 50%. over a year’s worth of bills its around $400. not bad at all.

if ATT will not take matters to heart, someone else will. and customers are not as loyal as one may think, especially if the savings are that significant.

the real caveat again – is the quality of the connection. the carrier to figure that one out is golden. and they all will because this is where we are heading – smart devices with a permanent connection. no minutes no bullshit.

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