iPad 3 predictions

the ipad3 is around the corner as apple just announced a media event on march 7th.

ipad3 event invitation what will we possibly get?

  • retina display: 2048×1536 pixels will make pretty much everything more gorgeous and engaging.
  • A6 quad core processor: this means tremendous performance and response boost.
  • LTE support. let’s face it – 4G network is where it’s all heading,
    as the internet will blend better and tighter with the device and our lifestyle.
  • better front and back camera. flash.
  • equal or better battery life.
  • unified GSM/CDMA support.
  • bluethooth 4.0 chip.

what we may get:

  • smart bezel virtual buttons:
    imagine the bezel and back cover of the ipad responding to customized buttons which lit up.
    so you can setup the top left .bezel button to launch maps. more here.
  • NFC chip (not likely IMHO).
  • airdrop feature from ipad to mac.

what we probably won’t get yet:

  • haptic feedback display. the game changer. it will be a great day when it arrives (though the image from apple may hint at it…).
  • solar charging of the device
  • new map system which apple has been working on

final thoughts:

  • how does siri fit in? i am not sure yet…
    will iOS 6.0 be announced as well? if so, developers will a beta by early next week…