Linux for iPhone May Open the Door to Android iPhone

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for, finally we have the linux kernel running natively on the iphone. In the long run, open source projects will take over any paid system (windows, osx). look at sun and open solaris and now google and android. All along I’ve said that we will see more and much of android in future smart phones, but moreover, on new appliances such as the kitchen, our entertainment system etc.


with the linux kernel running on the iphone the community is one step closer to running android on the iphone. no doubt that the iphone is one of the top pieces of hardware out there today in terms of smart phones. this move can and will liberate a lot of future users and can define a new segment for the iphone. i can only guess that apple will object for any kind of non osx based iphones, so this will not be streamlined, however, the power of android and it’s fantastic appstore can and will create a market that we will all enjoy.


IPhone: Linux for iPhone May Open the Door to Android iPhone.