Posting to my blog via google chat

This is pretty cool guys, the post you are reading right now is being typed to a new contact I have on my google chat contact list: [email protected] And indeed they are instant-messaing-fing the web. Lots of cool available widgets that integrate into your account such as google calendar, todo list, basecamp, blogger, twitter and wordpress.

How does it work? I click on the user to start a new chat, a menu appears where I choose which widget to work with. WordPress is not bundled in of course, so you need to login in to and search for the plugin, then give your XML-RPC URL along with the credentials to post and follow the easy instructions from the bot.

In general I have found several cool bots for google reader that I love. There is the gTalk badge that you see on the bottom right of this blog where you can start chatting with me if I am online, and also the language translating service that helps me improve my spanish, french and dutch (yes, dutch :).

Here are some links:


gTalk badge:
available for google apps hosted domains as well: – make sure you replace DOMAIN with your own domain.


T-Mobile To Offer Android-Based Phone By Xmas?

I am very excited about android and I hope it will turn out to be more than just an OS for mobile devices. Based on the features developed by the community, it is definitely an alternative (for me) to the iphone, which is seriously getting on my nerves lately.

T-Mobile To Offer Android-Based Phone By Christmas – Mac Rumors.

Google Calendar CalDAV now sync with iCal

And I say finally 🙂

Not too much to ask for right? All I need is consistent emails and calendar events. SpanSync is a good solution but why pay when it is free? Don’t get me wrong here, I have signed up for MobileMe and am completely turned off by that service.


If you have a mac and you want your iPhone in sync rather than using gCal online (which is a good idea and a backup JIC), this is a viable solution indeed.

Google Calendar CalDAV support – Calendar Help Center.