First 3D camera announced

This is just fantastic isn’t it? truly the future of photography and one up-ing the competition. One of the challenges in photography is the 3rd dimension. After all, when you shoot you have all axis available (x,y,z). However, when you view our image on a computer screen or print it out, the 3d dimension is lost.

As photographers we use different tricks in order to compensate for the lost axis. We use objects in our composition to give the illusion of depth. We use different angels as well to give the perspective that is missing.

Could the new fuji 3D camera be the answer we were looking for? Well, in my opinion is yes and no 🙂 Yes, this is the first consumer camera available and affordable. However, the caveat is the medium to display the 3d images.

What’s interesting is the new 3d printing service. I am really happy to see fuji stepping up to the plate and leading the industry with this new consumer camera.

FinePix REAL 3D W1 | Fujifilm Global.