animoto review

Animoto is online service to mashup your photos and music into a cool video. the 60sec intro got me fired up and i immedietly opened an account, pulled out some flickr photos off my photostream, uploaded a fantastic brazillian song and waited for the magic to happen.

Animoto allows 15 sec of videos for the free accounts. for anything more you will need credit. makes sense i guess. i would pay for well put together videos that take less than 5 minutes to put together.

Animoto claim their backend algorithms analyze the music and photos to create the right transitions that emphasis the music, colors and all the glory of my sound and images. that is just fantastic on paper, and literally means no two videos are the same.

aaah what an awful video guys.. i was excited to try this new service but i guess that this style of a video i wanted to created simply does not work. a couple of issues:

1. the photos animoto grabbed from my flickr account were reduced to low-res yucky looking ones. that is probably the worst move here. are you trying to save disk space? if the video is not pleasant to look at, it does not matter how fancy the algorithms are for transitioning with the music.

2. i chose a slow song yet the photos rotated every two seconds – what is the idea behind the “we’ll match the movement to the music”? clearly there is no correlation between the two, and if there is it is done poorly.

3. the effects used to move in between the photos just does not match the tempo of the song.

4. a 15 second movie is simply not enough. how about a single credit per new user to make a full length video?

as you can probably gather by now i am not excited at all to try animoto again, though i was really excited after watching the 60 second intro priorly.

however, i do see how this service can be used for fast paced videos, and i can only assume i have way more control with the full-length videos (which costs $$). maybe i will try to create another presentation to a fast techno beat instead of trying to recreate the tranquility and calmness of brasil.