Posting to my blog via google chat

This is pretty cool guys, the post you are reading right now is being typed to a new contact I have on my google chat contact list: [email protected] And indeed they are instant-messaing-fing the web. Lots of cool available widgets that integrate into your account such as google calendar, todo list, basecamp, blogger, twitter and wordpress.

How does it work? I click on the user to start a new chat, a menu appears where I choose which widget to work with. WordPress is not bundled in of course, so you need to login in to and search for the plugin, then give your XML-RPC URL along with the credentials to post and follow the easy instructions from the bot.

In general I have found several cool bots for google reader that I love. There is the gTalk badge that you see on the bottom right of this blog where you can start chatting with me if I am online, and also the language translating service that helps me improve my spanish, french and dutch (yes, dutch :).

Here are some links:


gTalk badge:
available for google apps hosted domains as well: – make sure you replace DOMAIN with your own domain.