My journey with yoga started about 6 years ago when pure had opened their west side location in manhattan. for a few years i dove head first and been cultivating a practice. i have so far been lucky, extremely fortunate to have good learning opportunities. my main teacher is john campbell who was leading the mysore program there, with orientation towards the lineage of T. krishnamacharya and guruji as our guru.

The buddha has awoken to the idea of karma, cause and effect. by negating the cause we can negate the effect and eradicate suffering, which is a state called nirvana. after practicing and studying the tradition, i am ready to take my place in this ancient chain of wisdom passing and teach.

It is my personal interest and also my karma that have gotten me to study ayurveda, the life science and healing system of yoga. i am currently in the process of becoming an ayurveda life coach studying david frawley’s program. it is where asana and ayurveda meet which is of most interest to me.

I work privately with individuals who are ready to commit to a 6-9 month program to balance their body and mind with asana, mantra, meditation and life style changes, based on the science of ayurveda.

Both yoga and ayurveda are sciences which have been tested and refined for many years and i am exited to continue this journey and also pass along what i have learned to my students.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions please get in touch!